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At Hi-Way Tire we offer complete on, or off car wheel balancing and tire tuining services for all makes and models of cars and trucks. We diagnose and repair all manner of driving problems cause by improper tire balance.

Wheel balancing involves placing weights on the rim of the wheel so the tire rotate in a uniform manner. If it is not balanced properly, the tire wheel will wobble, and create a vibration that the driver and passengers will feel. There are two types of wheel balance: Static and Dynamic. Dynamic balancing is usually the preferred method. A tire and wheel may be in static balance and still have dynamic unbalance. Either static or dynamic unbalance will cause the steering wheel to shake from side at higher speeds. When you put your cell phone on vibration mode. and someone calls you, it starts vibrating. This cellphone vibration occurs because of an unbalanced mass rotating at a high speed by a motor inside the phone. The same thing happens with cars. There is some unbalanced mass rotating on parts like a wheel and tire assembly, fly wheel, etc, which causes vibration when they rotate at high speeds. This is not preferable, so it is necessary to do the balancing of rotating pats of the car mainly it's wheels.