At Hi-Way Tire we specialize in wheel bearings. Our highly-skilled specialists are able to repair/replace wheel bearings on most all makes and models of cars and trucks. Please call today for an appointment or just stop in.

About Wheel Bearing Replacement:

Wheel bearings allow each wheel to rotate. There are several types of wheel bearings used in automobiles. Some require no maintenance; others can be disassembled, cleaned, and inspected for wear.

Failing wheel bearings become loose and develop excess clearance, or play. If a failing bearing is put "under load," you may hear a distinctive growling noise when the wheels are moving.

To service vehicles with serviceable wheel bearings, the wheel must be removed. Then the brake drum, brake rotor, or wheel hub assembly is removed. The wheel bearings are removed, cleaned, and inspected. If they are okay, they are packed with fresh grease and re-installed. If they show signs of wear, they should be replaced.

The wheel bearing may be an integrated part of the vehicle's suspension. If so, the suspension or wheel hub may need to be removed to replace the wheel bearing.

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