At Hi-Way Tire we offer complete tire repair/restoration services for all makes and models of tires. Please call for an appointment or just stop in.

Any puncture or injury to a tire's tread area clearly affects performance and safety. Proper repair is essential. The puncture must be repaired on both the inside and the outside of the tire. Because all parts of a tire are engineered to operate as a single unit, any repair must take that into consideration. Only small, straight-through 3/16" diameter or less punctures in the tread area may be repairable, if no secondary damage has occurred. Also, a tire repair can be properly made only if the tire is removed from the rim; a thorough internal inspection is carried out; and the repair is made from the inside out. A repair must fill and seal the injury, i.e. vulcanized plug and patch. Only specially trained Technicians are qualified to repair a tire. Do not attempt to repair it yourself. At Hi-Way Tire we specialize in tire repair and closely follow all RMA(Rubber Manufacturers Association) Recommended Procedures.

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